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Air Conditioner and Heating Service

Helton Electrical Services offers residential heating and cooling repairs, maintenance and also replacement services.

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AC Service Checklist

Most HVAC systems will last 10 to 20 years. Most vehicles don’t last that long. Your HVAC system typically runs more than your vehicle does. Doesn’t it make sense to have planned maintenance performed on your HVAC unit?

Preventive maintenance ensures your systems’ safety, efficiency, and also it’s reliability as well as saving you money. If heating or air conditioning is being lost through your pipes, walls or registers or if your systems are not running at their maximum efficiency, then you are truly throwing money out the window. Dirty outdoor air conditioner coils can be very costly to you. This means that your system runs longer and also harder than necessary and costs you more, not only on a day to day basis- but also in the long run over the total life-span of your system.

Who wants to throw money away? We all work too hard to make it. Be smart. Maintain your systems. For more details on HVAC preventive maintenance, contact us and see what The Boys in Blue can do to help you!

  • Monitor Gas Furnace operation
  • Check Electric Heat Strips
  • Clean Out Condensate Drain
  • Inspect and Clean Condenser Coil
  • Inspect and Clean Evaporator Coil (if accessible)
  • Evaluate All Safety Devices

·         Check Supply and Return Temperature Difference (indication of system performance)

·         Check Relays and contactors for deterioration

·         Evaluate Capacitors for proper output

·         Check ductwork (if accessible)

·         Tighten electrical connections

·         Visually inspect system for oil leaks (indication of a freon leak)

·         Check condition of fan blades

·         Check Motors for proper function

HVAC Maintenance – Sandersville, GA

As a Residential planned maintenance customer, you also will receive 10% off any service calls or repairs. We also give you priority services. This means on the busiest (hottest or coldest) days of the year, when you call us you automatically go in front of anyone else that is not a planned maintenance customer.

AC maintenance is essential to help prevent expensive repairs and also validate manufacturer warranties. It also gives you peace of mind that your AC system is safe and running at optimal capacity, while saving you money.

AC and Heating Maintenance Service Nearby

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Are you ready for the Georgia heat? The summer heat near Sandersville is hot and also muggy making your cooling system work harder and longer. This stress places a heavy workload on your air conditioning unit, without proper maintenance you could experience a system failure when the Georgia sun is at its peak and you need your home cooled the most. Helton Electrical Services offers AC and Heating Maintenance Services and also an AC and Heating Maintenance Agreement that offers many benefits.

Industry guidelines state that in order to keep your Air Conditioning system operating at peak efficiency, you should have it serviced twice per year.  Therefore to comply with that guideline, Helton Electrical Services offers routine maintenance service plans. Our preventive maintenance plans include full system cleaning, safety inspection, and also part lubrication of your air conditioning and heating system along with other benefits.  Therefore a routine maintenance plan will assure your system continues to operate at peak efficiency all year long. It also allows for minor issues to be fixed before therefore turning into major problems. Contact Helton Electrical Services to sign up for a maintenance plan.

Air Conditioner & Heating Repairs

Helton Electrical Services provides top-quality AC and Heating repairs. Our professional technicians are factory authorized and also trained to be the best in the industry. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction and therefore we aim to exceed your expectations every time.

Schedule Your Emergency Repair Appointment

In Sandersville, GA summers can bring unbearably high temperatures which cause your air-conditioning system to run for extended periods of time with shorter breaks between cycles. This puts a lot of stress on your Air Conditioner.  If your system can’t keep up with the demand, it may be time for service. We are here for you when you have an emergency AC repair need so contact Helton Electrical Services today!

Other Heating & Air Conditioning Services Offered Nearby

  • Duct System Upgrades
  • Indoor Air Quality Products including Air Purifiers
  • Surge Protection
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